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Black Woman

I am a black woman
but I never realize di extent of mi blackness till mi hair go back natural
No mi madda seh nuh bawl off yu head again
Because yu head tan too bad
Steel wool, scotch brite, mi know weh dem get di texture from
Caah if mi madda neva gi dem di sample from mi head
A mus mi grandmadda wi did call Lams
Di hair deh grow but not a bamboo brush nuh coarse so
Fi comb out di head mi affi sap it like headache a lik pon tennis racket wid no ball
no control at all
weh nuh happen inna years a happen inna day
Comb teet bruk, comb get all stuck
Di fro nuh right so mi affi keep it outta sight, unda mi black bikini wrap
But nubaddy nuh kno dat (yet)
When mi don it pon mi head, not a Queen from Ethiopia represent so well
inna mi black bikini wrap, who waah top dat?
Come and talk to me if yu blacka dan black


A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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