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Ignorant but Arrogant

These posts may or may not, directly or indirectly solicit feedback. In any event feedback is always welcomed. Regardless of any of the aforementioned however, this site is purely to get the thoughts out of my head so I may continue to live my life.

Now one would think a national accrediting body holds sufficient weight for the institutions which it services, but no. Even though all the educational institutions must needs pass through this governing entity, it apparently doesn’t mean that the institutions themselves have to accept or entertain or have any responsibility to ideas surrounding exchanges and or upgrades through each other.

What am I talking about? Well for instance UWI made it quite clear to me that they DO NOT accept credits from IUC, even thought the programmes are accredited. Maybe it is because IUC is amidst the most recent(about a decade) tertiary institutions to be established. I don’t know, but does that even make sense? The very lectures at IUC were schooled at UWI. Take Mico as another example. They seem to have issues with IUC as well even though a number of our lecturers are based at Mico. How daft and backward can we be?

Anyway I am ignorant to all the ins and outs of these things. I don’t know what the established precepts for those things are in similar arenas. But seriously, Jamaica is one likkle tups a islan under supposedly one set of laws. But is like yu cyaa get nuh faw-wud inna d country. Every man fi dem self? You tell me.



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