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Do You like to Read?

Saddled with not one, nor two, but three old time Mills & Boon paperback books threatening to poke out my eye, the Kingston High Schooler asks, “Do you like to read?” I was taken aback – almost stunned, because for the last five minutes of my journey on the bus as I made my way to school, I was attempting to rapidly capture my thoughts on my cell phone; before that I was playing a game.

I pushed my thoughts aside long enough to gather myself and looked up at the young lady who has been standing over me in the bus for the last ten to fifteen minutes. She didn’t seem more than 15 years old, still clutching at her books and clearly waiting on a response to her question. “I like to read and I also like to write”, I could hear myself confessing to the young stranger. Her response to that was almost as alarming as her question. “I know”, she remarked in an almost ‘that’s so obvious tone’. Weird I thought to myself as I prepared to disembark the bus.

Once more I was on the phone as I walked toward school, trying to capture the event which just took place. No doubt the young lady must be glad to now be seated so she can thoroughly enjoy what seems to me a usual marathon reading session. Then again, I thought to myself, I doubt it would have made a difference if she had not gotten a seat.

As I compose these thoughts, I half wonder what really caused her to ask me that question. Was she coursing through the many chapters of my mind, answering questions I never asked her opinion on? Or is it a sign from God in response to my text which I sent to a dear friend concerning the state of my life and that something is always happening wit me. I may never know but she certainly has gotten me writing…



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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