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Ray-Ray is eating the lady”! I shouted. One by one the workers ran toward the hole, each bearing a grin of some sort. Before they came I saw what looked like a snake and the face of a crocodile. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I had managed to get separated from the group as we boarded the cruise ship that day and so decided to stop for a swim at the first pool on deck. I already had on my swim suit and so I took off my slippers and tossed them on the pile of other slippers I saw. Before I could go into the water I heard someone from the group calling my name. There goes the swim I thought to myself as I went to retrieve my slippers. No slippers. The pool attendant lifted every foot-wear from the pile of slippers but there was still no trace of my black and gold slippers.

I quickly moved barefooted toward the last place I had heard my name but saw no one. I walked up the stairs of the vessel until I got to a glass door which I opened. The room seemed to be a kitchen and several persons who appeared to be workers were standing around looking glum. One person smiled an indicated to me that this was not the place for visitors to pass through. I made my way back down the stairs and ran into an old lady. She seemed nice, almost too nice.

The nice old lady asked if I wanted to see Ray-Ray. I was like, “Who?” Before I could protest she excitedly grabbed my arm and said, “Ray-Ray”. We went down some wooden stairs and came upon an area that had dirt, trees and an overgrowth of bushes with one clear path leading down to a hole. “I want you to meet Ray-Ray”, the lady kept saying. She moved down the dirt track like a regular and kneeled by the hole which by now I noticed contained water of a pale brownish colour. She was attempting to use part of the root of a huge tree to reach over the hole, but it broke, leaving a short bit in her hand. “Grab that large root bit, and take it here”, she said to me, but I did not move.

“Ray”, she began to call. “Come here Ray-Ray”, as she waved the short bit of tree root which had broken off in her hand, over the hole. Suddenly I heard a splash and the lady was in the hole. I saw a long white snake like thing pulling her down as its smooth body moved quickly in the water. It had the face of a crocodile, also white looking but with a pale pink glow. I was numbed, frightened and began to scream hysterically.

I saw the group of workers from the kitchen running toward me with what appeared to be smiles on their faces. I must have passed out or something because when I opened my eyes I could see the familiar faces of the group I was trying to catch up with. I wondered to myself what really transpired and thought back to the last thing I could remember. The happy faces of the workers from the kitchen when the old lady had fallen into the hole. That creature must have been Ray-Ray. I wondered to myself if these workers were actually food for Ray-Ray and then I wondered if the lady had planned to feed me to Ray-Ray.

I raised my head ever so slightly to look at my feet and there were the missing gold and black slippers which I had taken off, to go for a swim. Was this all a dream. I definitely couldn’t tell anyone what happened. I desperately wanted to just go home, and almost as if they read my thoughts I heard it was time to go home. I was only too happy to jump ship as it were. We boarded our bus and as I looked back at the huge vessel I saw the workers smiling and waving goodbye. Their faces seemed so happy as if to say thank you.





A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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