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Little Cloud

Written by Stacy-Ann Hyde (Suitable for preschoolers ages 3 – 5 years)

“Run along now Little Cloud,” I heard Mommy Cloud say. “For soon it will be dark as night comes our way.”

“But mommy,” Little Cloud whined, “Grandma Cloud saw me last time.”

Little Cloud did not like having to go, but she would, because mommy said so. She had only four windy puffs to fly, before she got to grandma’s house high up in the sky.

As she puffed along, she saw Mr. Sun and felt her cheeks get nice and warm. “I could stay all day with you Mr. Sun but my mommy would be so, so alarmed.”

No farther had Little Cloud gone along, than she started to sing this happy song, “I wonder, I wonder, how could it be, that all those colours, are just for me.” The rainbow it stood so loud and so proud with its beautiful colours beaming all around.

Her journey she continued for this was her task, to get to her grandma before it was dark. “Now where are you going shining star looking so bright?”

I am off to the east where it is dark, so I can give them light.

Little Cloud was getting tired but what could she do. She had one more windy puff to fly, before she got to grandma’s house in the sky. She had passed the sun, the rainbow and star and now she could see the moon not too far.

“Oh hi Mr. Moon. Aren’t you out a bit too soon?”

“Oh no Little Cloud, I’m always here, even at high noon, with much time to spare.” “It was so nice to meet you but now I must go, to the place mommy sent me – I’m happy now you know.”

Little Cloud saw the sun, rainbow, star and moon and then she saw grandma’s house and started another tune. “One puff then two puffs then three puffs then four, I’m finally at my grandma’s front door.”



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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