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Death & Sickness

Death and sickness are inevitable and yet we always seem hurt, emotional and at times get upset when it becomes our experience.

At about 8 years old I lost my grandmother and I cried profusely. Since then I have lost an aunt in 2002 – I didn’t cry; then in 2010 my uncle passed away – I didn’t cry. Now another aunt of mine is extremely ill and in the hospital for over 2 weeks and I keep crying. I realise I prefer death for very personal and selfish reasons than sickness.

Sickness brings such a whirlwind of emotions. Its like watching cricket for me. One minute things seem to be going well and then the West Indies seem to plummet into uncertain failure. Then the hope rises and then falls. This is what happens in certain cases of grave illness. I am certainly not wishing my aunt to die, but the repressing of the subconscious is no longer sufficient in staving off the emotions that come.

But since these two will always come to us in one form or the other, lets us ensure that we are ready for either, especially death since we cannot come back from that except God allows us to be raised from the dead.

So choose you this day whom you will serve. The giver of death or the giver of life – Jesus Christ.



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5 thoughts on “Death & Sickness

    1. Thank you harrison1984. My aunt is still in the hospital and my dad recently went in but only stayed for 3 days and so I am still having this tugging of emotional heart strings…

      1. Thank you again. This arrangement would not be possible with the hospital system in my country. My pastor will be visiting and the prayers of the saints continue to go up. We pray God’s will be done. Thank you for the words of encouragement in Jesus name! Amen.

  1. My Aunt has been making steady progress thanks be to God. She has been home since last September and has had such a huge turn around. She went from not seeing, speaking and walking to doing all these things. She still has some way to go but God kept her for this testimony and His glory and she has recommitted her life to Him and gotten baptized. Thank you all for the prayers and support.

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