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The Blue Sheet, Crest and Leaf

The story that I shall unfold

are not words spoken to condone

the feelings felt within my heart,

without further hesitation, here’s the start.


I’ve loved once truly, I remember

not the month nor day, 

but sometime in the Summer.

I’ll spare some details 

for fear I will be embarrassed

or cause embarrassment to the love I so treasure.


A mad woman, a hypocrite or maybe a fool,

for I lost my true love

and didn’t know.

I blamed myself, I blamed the church

I blamed my heart

God knows it hurt.

And when I could find no one else  to blame

I took myself, far far away.

I was not alone in how I felt,

for his poor heart too felt the quench,

of cultures and morals, beliefs all awry,

this love must not continue,

it must surely die.

And so the years took us far apart

from a wounded soldier 

to a wounded heart.


what to do

Since loves a choice and I chose him to love

then it is my fault, problem solved.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way

and so sometimes i’m feeling

quite dismayed.


Yet this one thing I will embrace,

his love for me increased my faith.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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