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Your Thing

You stand in the wings pretending this is your thing

Pacing the floor with your face to the ground so no one can see your frown.

It’s time to smile as you look up, the congregation is waiting, for you to fill their cups

With the face of life, the truth, the right, but you can’t, because your life is a lie.

You are trying to sell what you don’t own, share what you haven’t sown,

encouraging people to listen to what you don’t know, that they may grow into…only God knows.

Yet, this is the face of the life you live, the one you seek to give,

to unsuspecting, hungry souls, eager to grasp every word you unfold,

even to the last bitter spill. 



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

2 thoughts on “Your Thing

  1. Preacher/Singer feeling as if they have nothing left to give; in fact wondering if they ever had anything to begin with.
    Self-doubt, self-deprecation has been sown into their hearts and minds, by the world, their own sinful selves, or the devil himself.
    Yet here is an audience containing many in a far worse condition, waiting to be helped, healed, assured, and forgiven.
    If he/she doesn’t meet their needs tonight, who will?

    He/she has forgotten that the power to meet these needs is not to be found in him/herself, but in the power of the message itself. Their real task is to be faithful to the call, deliver the message, and leave the rest to God.

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