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Your Kind

I went for an interview a few years back,

for a job I didn’t want but I figured why not,

I had experience in the industry,

and being home was quite costly.


I smiled with all the pleasantries that I could muster,

knowing full well, getting this job wouldn’t be a life of lustre.

It was going well it seemed to me

or so I thought in mind,

for then the interviewer glared at me and said,

“I know your kind”.


I tried to read the thoughts she spoke,

she was quite stern, this was no joke,

“I know your kind” rang in my head,

what could this mean, these words she said?

And then she continued to explain,

this was a relief for my poor brain.


I have an artistic friend like you,

I love her quite dearly and this is true,

but when things go wrong, as they will in this place

you might just leave me a dreaded empty space.


She read me well, I could not lie,

so I thanked her kindly and said goodbye.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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