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Peeple Dead

A ole mi a get ole, mek suh much peeple a dead?
Who naah drap out, lidung, inna haspital bed,
an pan tap a dat, di earth a run redda dan red,
caah man a kill man now becaah dem a hat head.

More peeple a dead, dan peeple a bawn,
one whola plane vanish, all now people a bawl,
an di peeple who a kill, naah no sense a tall,
caas all dem madda dem a kill who did mek dem baan.

Nuhbadi cyaa tell mi seh en’ time naah come soon,
mi si d signs all aroun mi, an afta mi nuh fool.
Yu can tan deh an gwaan like seh yu immune,
caas all di likkle pikney dem kno fi dem time a come soon.

Man nuh bizniz again if yu a woman ar’ paasta,
him wi kill yu whole family an lef dem a di alta.
So while peeple a dead fram old age an disasta,
man out deh a kill like him a queen an we a pawn ya.

Mek sure yu rite wid Gad,
get yu life in awda,
so when a fi yu time fi dead,
yu go to yu heavenly Faada.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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