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Prayers and Thoughts

My prayers get mixed up with my thoughts,

with my writings, my musings,

it’s hard to keep choosing.

To express ones’ emotion

is like a strangling commotion.

Your’e too mature for that you know?

I really wonder if that is so…


The battle is not yours to fight.

Is it wrong, or is it right,

to let down your hair and not care,

if but, for a moment?

Yes I know it’s God’s will,

and I should just be still,

but that doesn’t stop my thoughts

from interfering with my prayers.


The tug-o-war on my heart strings

has me tripping and missing and messing up my steps.

I’d rather be saying prayers, 

but my thoughts are here again today.

It seems I should just find a way 

to let my thoughts be the the prayers I’d rather say.




A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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