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A Cruel Sacrifice Made Worthwhile

My heart wrenched
I felt my body tense
my eyes swelled
as tears threatened to spill
who could have been so cruel,
unkind and so mean
to commit this dastardly act
and then flee the scene.

I stared at the brokenness
as my heart beat in my chest
anger tried to surface
but sympathy flooded instead.
How could I fix this mess?
How could I make it right?
It became too much for me
as I touched the place where it should be

It had so much potential
since it was so young
much life and vitality
to spare in the sun
food for some and shade for others
the limb was just motionless
separated from its trunk

But though the limb was severed
it’s mother still has much life
her fruit continues to grow each day
spreading hope, removing dismay
of the cruel act which left her one limb short
to the fact that very soon
she will experience the worth
of purpose.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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