Posted in Poetry

To be Led by Writing or Choose

As a Christian I don’t write religious stuff
I allow my poems to lead me
but is that really enough?
Should I be more conscious in writing
allow my thoughts to take a chance
at contributing to what my mind wants to say
with hopes of being advanced someday?

Do I feel bad about it?
Hmm, no, not really,
but I wonder about my evangelistic purview
in times like this, so dreary.
Yet the question is asked to which I respond
I will be led to write and choose to belong.

For my writings are never really my own
They are inspired by the One
who made my heart His home
So I am led and I’m happy that I choose so to be
A child of God, a poetic writer, an evangelist to humanity.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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