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Two Teethed Grin and Rounded Eyes

Rounded eyes of curiosity
beaming upon me
Widened dazzling glare and stare
It’s like I’m the only one there

The affection that this Stranger showed
Through eyes so gentle
You’ll never know
The thoughts she thinks
with her two teethed grin
God bless this little angel
As she puts her fingers in

No sooner had she done that
Than she took her fingers out
To gaze upon me once again
This Stranger
who could be her friend

And as if to say
don’t stop writing yet
She called to me
With encouraging sounds
Far too profound
That melted my heart
And tearied my eyes
This sweet little princess
Almost made me cry

The magical glare
Was redirected to another face
Quite unsuspecting
Of the two teethed grin
And rounded eyes
The unintelligible sounds
That almost made me cry.



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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