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Being Stace for a Day

“Stace, wake up! It’s Today!”

Before I sat down to write this, my mind was flooded with ideas of what to write and exactly how the sentence would start. But now I’m blank and it’s a typical way and day for me – thoughts racing through my mind and then when I sit o capture them, nothing. Nevertheless, the day continues. 

What am I doing with my life? The question is asked again. More than a dozen times actually, since I first realised life didn’t automatically flow. But it is apparent that I have been doing things with my life because many years have passed since I first posed that question. 

Yesterday gave me very little by way of a schedule of events for today, so I decided I would part company with yesterday and asked today what it’s plans were. But on such a dark and rainy day, today wasn’t much into conversing and only buried further beneath the sheets. Just great. So I reluctantly left today in bed and stumbled to the toilet. I took great care in not turning on the lights so I would remain in a half awakened state. 

By the time I returned to bed, today had already gotten up and was speeding toward the half day mark. Like seriously! I thought today would have given me some great plans to execute, but with the grey skies and chilled weather, I was in pure melancholy. It didn’t help being that time of the month for me either but I braved the day afforded me, weather and all. 

Today introduced me to Eric the hiker, Ipiman the shipper and Yuya the… Hmmm. I’m not quite sure what Today expected of me, as my mind went to thinking of my childless state while others had 6 and more, unable to care for them. But then I wondered, am I ready? And I was only too quick to answer that I would never be ready if I was waiting to be. 

Thoughts of writing and drawing and painting found themselves once more in Today’s thoughts, which Today was only too happy to pass my way. I would have thought by now Today realised I had no headspace to go beyond thinking of writing, drawing and painting to actually getting them done. So why do I think of them multiple times for the day? Today quickly pointed out, “Because that’s where your heart is.” 

What did Today know of my thoughts? Where was Today when I was bracing Yesterday? And now here I was again, allowing Today to consume my thoughts with thinking. But I’ll get Today tomorrow and I bet Today will stop interfering with my…

End of Today. See you Tomorrow. 



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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