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Identifying and Creating Writing Spaces

He did it again. Took me on a writing date. The writing dates as I dubbed them were first introduced on our 6 month anniversary. I was taken by surprise at first but as the frequency increased I became quite happy to play the role as his muse. As I stared at him from across the waist high, rustic, wooden table of our favourite booth, I caught his eye briefly, almost as though it came up for ‘air’. “Renewed inspiration”, I thought. His hazel brown eyes were so warm and filled with life. By now, I knew not to interrupt him as he wrote and so continued to admire the light in his face. The cafe was always empty after 9 pm and provided just enough quiet, with just enough light from the hanging lamp of the booth, with just enough of me for inspiration.

A Frisbee zipped by my face, followed by a jumping dog then a squealing young owner whose face shone with glee and too much ice-cream. The mother’s voice drifted across the gentle breeze as she too shot past me. “It was a beautiful summer”, I wrote for the third time, as another excited child rushed passed me…



A creative nut with endless possibilities to offer the world. Just need to start with one possibility - my words.

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