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Jogger – 4th draft

“I can’t talk right now. Let me call you back when I’m finished.” The truth is, he really didn’t want to talk to her. His wife that is. He could feel his head start to throb a little just from hearing her voice.

He had started going for his morning jog an hour earlier just to avoid the confrontation that had somehow become a part of their morning agenda before heading off to work. Leaving out earlier didn’t mean he would return home any earlier to prepare for the office. It just meant he had to extend his jogging route by another 15 km  or stop by his buddy GG. He had a big meeting at the office today and he really needed to maintain a cool demeanour. ‘She knew I didn’t want children before we got married, and now it has become an issue, driving a wedge between our happily ever after. Everyone is depending on the successful outcome of this meeting today and I do not intend to let them down.’

He came to the pedestrian crossing just about the same time I did on the opposite side. He jogged in place while waiting for the light to change. In the bitter cold of winter, he wore no head-gear but allowed his shiny black hair to rest coolly unperturbed in the still air, offering a beautiful contrast to his exposed face. He was so handsome that for a while, I forgot where I was and how cold it was. Besides his face and neck, the rest of his body was covered with his red and black jogging suit, with black exercise gloves to match.

His jogging suit was nicely fitted and gave him enough room to move about. I wondered how many layers of clothing he was actually wearing. I wished the light wouldn’t change, as my eyes got lost in the deep black top he was wearing with star shaped patterns along the arms. There was no red colour on his pants however which flowed into matching black sneakers. I could almost hear the fabric of his suit rubbing together as his legs rubbed back and forth jogging in place.

Did I see his lips move? My eyes got drawn to his lips, almost as red as the stars on his tracksuit top. I might have, as I now noticed the earpiece attached to his ear. I wondered if it was an important call…



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