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Mom’s Heart – The Story

On Friday, January 23, 2015 at about 7:00 pm, my mom, on her way home from work on a public passenger bus, fell ill. She was severely ill and as a result the driver of the government owned and operated Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) Greater Portmore #17 bus diverted from his route to take my mother to the doctor with a full bus load of passengers. She was take to the closest medical institution when they realised the intensity of her distress. It was reported that she was having severe breathing problems.

The passengers played significant roles in ensuring she was well attended to while on the bus. One lady, of whom I didn’t get a name, came off the bus and stayed at the doctor’s office with my mom until I arrived. She had bags of groceries with her that also made it to the doctor’s office that evening.

The doctor did all he could to stabilise my mom but we had to go to a bigger facility by ambulance  with mom connected to an oxygen supply, to the emergency room

She had to undergo several tests, including

  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  2. Echocardiogram
  3. Stress test
  4. Cardiac catheterization or angiogram
  5. Heart scan
  6. Blood tests
  7. Angiogram
  • A dye pumped in through the wrist or groin area while xray machine takes movies of the dye flowing through the heart.It spots any blockages and if needed stent is put in where dye was pumped in up that artery and into the heart on a fine “wire”. The stent is left in the blocked part and artery is inflated by it.Wire pulled out – stent left in creating blood flow once again.

2 years ago the procedure was 400,000 JAD or about 4,000 USD. This included 100,000 to enter the arteries. Because of the special technique (angiogram) involved in accessing the arteries we were told we would need to pay 700,000 in case the doctors went back into the area and another tube was blocked. If however the doctors went to do the procedure and only 1 artery was blocked, then we would be refunded the 300,000. Unfortunately we weren’t in a position to find 400,000 let alone 700,000. That was 2 years ago and I don’t know what the cost of the procedure is now. But I believe now is the time to address mom’s heart.

Since that time, mom was finally discharged from the hospital after almost a week. Being the older sibling weighed heavily on me as my little brother was just in high school. And as if it wasn’t enough that my mom was in the hospital, my dad was also in another hospital at the same time. I thought I would explode, but God kept me and kept my parents alive. Since 2015 however both parents have been back to the hospital and admitted for several days. But God always provided an angel to help the weight of the burden that isn’t mine to carry. Visits to the doctor still continue now, especially during stressful periods which mom’s heart cannot handle very well. It’s time to get that procedure done and I need help to do it.

To help this cause please click the link below. Thank you.



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