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Untitled – Aoki and the Blue Green Water

Draft 2 – Inspired by something heard on the radio

I couldn’t see the next step to take. It was too dark. I tried to go back to the light but I couldn’t. “Aoki”, I heard a voice saying. “Wake up.” But I didn’t want to wake up. There was still so much to see “in the inside of me”. I had just come to the blue green waters that flowed from the double stacked rocks that looked like little tree stumps. I didn’t believe they were rocks until I touched them myself, pushing against them as hard as I could, to see if they would give way. But they had not. Instead, I had managed to get the blue green water all over my hands. The water glowed as it flowed over my hands and back into narrow the stream lined with pearly white pebbles. When I took up one of the pebbles it became blue green right before my eyes. When I returned it to the water it was pearly white again.

I put one of the pebbles in my pants pocket and I could see it glowing through my pocket. I was quite surprised by this because I had on one of my good pants. Not the ones that had many holes and seams bursting from collecting too much ‘treasure’ like my favourite calf length khaki cargo pants that I would wear when I went on adventures. Today I wore one of my jeans pants, which I don’t think mom would be too happy about as she reserved it only for when we were visiting grandpa. It was a dark deep blue with a very ribbed surface on the outside but it felt very nice and soft against my skin on the underside. The seams were stitched with a brownish orange colour which I could never understand. Was the person who stitched this colour blind? It was so easy to see the brownish orange colour against the dark blue jeans. One time my mom caught me just as I started to use a black marker to cover those wretched brownish orange colours. She made me promise never to do anything like that again. So now I had one pocket seam with two shades of the wretched brownish orange colour.

I continued my journey, looking about me at the dancing light against the rock like ceiling. As  the light moved across the surface of the ceiling I caught small glimpses of small spike like orange things… But as I got further away from the double stacked rocks, the pearly white pebbles got darker and the blue green water started to lose it’s light. I reached down into the water and took up another pebble. But it didn’t turn blue green as before. I remembered the the pebble I had picked up earlier as I walked along the stream. I glanced down at my right pocket and it was still glowing as bright as ever. I quickly scuffled it out of my pocket and put it next to the pebble without light and to my surprise the pebble started to turn blue green too! Not as bright as the on that was in my pocket but it slowly started to glow and then I could see a small spike like orange thing on the inside of the pebble moving around as it shone brighter. In my fright I dropped the pebble with the spiky thing and jumped back a few steps. “Crunch.” I heard as my feet landed on the ground. That also frightened me and I jumped towards the stream again.

I quickly turned the shining bluish green pebble toward the area I had heard the crunching sound. There, in a pile, lay many of the pebbles, but now with holes. “Wow!” I thought. I wonder what was inside them.



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