Chapter 2: Content

So how do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be content. Like the Apostle Paul I want to learn to be content in whatever state I am in (Philippians 4:11). I also want to be in a position to help others in a meaningful way. These are some of the things that I have wanted to do. They may not be yours. So ask yourself the question quite pointedly and set about recording your answers which are a reflection of your desires. Maybe you want to be in a position to travel the world on a regular basis. To have houses and lands and even a family. Think about it carefully before you pen your answer. This can be done over time also but do not procrastinate on this point.

The question posed begs us to define the term “grow up”. What does it mean to grow up? For many individuals this will have several meanings but for the sake of this book, we will focus on one definition. So within the context of this book, grow up refers to a state of mind satisfied with accomplishments or achievements made within a specified time period. This satisfaction experienced was made possible through life’s lessons of which there is no further attainment concerning those particular lessons.

If I could live my life over again, maybe I would take a different path concerning my career path – something a little easier as it were. But the truth is, the path God chose for me is perfect. Otherwise it would not have been possible for you to be reading this book. Time will always be a factor concerning the decisions which need to be made. It is imperative that you know what resources are available and at your disposal. This is why a mentor is important as chances are, they have firsthand experience in the area or they are able to point you in the right direction.

God doesn’t make any mistakes concerning His plans toward us. He knew about all the frustrations that we’d go through because we need to learn particular lessons which could only be learnt through difficulties. God doesn’t need us to feel sorry for ourselves because of our current positions in life. Certainly it would have been easier if Jesus had spoken the words of healing to Naaman and caused him to be healed at that moment but no. There was a process that Namaan needed to undergo without any shortcuts. Namaans process was a filthy one and it had no substitutions. He could not ask his servants to go and wash in the filthy river seven times in his place. He had to perform this task personally. Each of us must undergo the plan ruled up for our lives. We cannot erase a few lines or create new lines to circumvent the tackles, chips and bruises we will get. I would have liked to believe that my life could have played out in many different ways, but that’s a lie. There is only one way that my life could be played out and I am living it.

One important thing to understand is that you must give yourself time to get to that place where you really want to be. It therefore means that you may have to do something you are able to at least tolerate until the manifestation in full or in part of your hearts desires comes through. This is a crucial step that many overlook in pursuit of their absolute dreams. Now if oyu seem unable like me to even find that place of tolerance, do not stop trying. Find your centre, and find it quickly said one of my lecturers, after I realized that my sojourn into tolerance would end prematurely. I will never forget what another lecturer of mine said in drawing class. A very important lesson taught to me over ten years ago but whose applicability was never truly experienced. She said, establish something as right and work everything else from this established point. While the class was a portraiture drawing class, one can easily see how transferable the lessons from this statement are to life. The critical point however is the initial set-up, for if you establish something as right that is just so wrong and fail to realize this at an early stage, you may continue on a path of self destruction.

This book is not directed to Christians but does contain biblical truth and God’s guiding principles which everyone can learn from.


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